Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Being Thankful for Wonderful Friends

So 7 days ago I took my darling husband into the emergency room at 7 AM and 10 hrs later he was coming out of surgery with out a gall bladder.  The Thursday before that we went and picked up scaffolding so that we could start the work on the siding for the second floor, :"Oh no now what?".  Good friends that's what.  Our friend Al and his wife Lizzie had said they would come and help when we first started this project.  I do not do heights well. But now with Bob being laid low we were not sure if we were going to have to post pone the job, did I say I don't do heights well.  Thanks goodness Al's brother said he could come and help. So as you can see, we are almost done with the east side of the house.
That is Al and his brother Joseph working on the peak.  Those angles are so much fun.  And kids wonder why we need algebra and geometry.  

Here is Bob looking on but he did the cutting which was necessary.  He felt better being able to help some what.  I know he is itching to get up there.  We are on hold until Bob can get up there and take down the stove pipe.  Then the rest will be done on that side.  The wood trim at the top is going to get beefed up some and then painted a wonderful dark plumy red.  Oh I forgot to say we got the new window in as well.  It is a casement window and will give us some more air and breezes through that window during the summer.  To bad the guys are hiding it and to bad it is only their backs you can see.  Next group of pictures I will be sure we can see them.  Next weekend they will be working on the other side of the house.  That side has two windows.  

Once this side is all done I can start thinking about what I want to do for some landscaping. It is a bare canvas.   I have lots of iris's that will do well there along with some 4 o'clocks and may add some of those nice natives I have wanted to add also.  This is the east side so it can be hot since there isn't much shade there.  I do plan to plant one of my mulberry trees in this area between the house and where I was standing.  

I will post some more next week.