Friday, May 1, 2009

Watching your seedlings grow

Several weeks ago I transplanted all my tomatoes into larger pots. Most of them went into 1 gallon pots or at least until I ran out of them. By doing this I am establishing a stronger plant. I placed the seedling into the bottom of the pot and added potting soil. All along that stem will be nice new roots. I still haven't had a chance to plant in the garden yet. I wasn't able to get the drip system tested and repaired before we went on a 4 day trip so I moved everything out of the greenhouse on to the covered deck. Gave them a good drink and hoped for the best.

I am so glad I did not plant before we left because Sunday night/Monday morning we got one heck of a storm. So with the hail and high winds my plants were saved. Unfortunately the garden soil is still very wet making planting impossible. I am keeping my fingers crossed I can plant early next week. They are predicting rain again over Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Thank goodness for those 1 gallon pots.

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